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Throwing Hawks

Throwing Hawks

Custom, Hand Forged, Throwing Hawks. Our throwing tomahawks are the finest tomahawks for sale anywhere! The handles are made of hardwoods such as hickory and ash. The heads are made of hand-forged iron with tempered steel insert bits. Made in the USA.
Throwing Hawks, or Tomahawks, are a type of ax that was originally developed by Native Americans as weapon for hunting and for war. Pre-colonial tomahawks had heads made of stone or deer antler, or were carved with a large heavy knob at the end. These clubs were mainly used as crushing weapons. Europeans introduced hawks with hand-forged metal heads that included a blade; these were traded for food and other items on the frontier. These could be used as tools for carving, as well hand-to-hand combat and throwing weapons. Today, throwing hawk competitions are popular among historical re-enactors, and have been picked up by martial arts enthusiasts.

Hand-forged Hawks:

A. Ash Handles – Fire hardened ash handles that fit our Early Fur Trade Tomahawk,  Custom Throwing Hawk,  and Heart Hawk.  
B. Early Fur Trade Tomahawk – The very finest quality throwing hawk available! Perfectly balanced, hand-forged head complete with straight grain hickory handle. Very authentic. 
C. Heart Hawk – Completely hand forged iron head with a tempered steel insert bit featuring the popular weeping heart cut-out design. Complete with 19-inch straight grain hickory handle.  3-1/2 inch blade. 

D. Custom Throwing Hawk – Iron head with a tempered steel insert bit. Complete with hard, straight grain 19-inch hickory handle. 4-inch blade.

E. Revolutionary Poll Hawk – This authentic hand forged hawk dates from the revolution and is complete with a poll (or hammer style head). Great for driving tent stakes and other camp chores as well as throwing. 3-1/2 inch blade. 
F. Mouse Hawk – Forged blade, 5-inches long, 2-3/4 inches wide. Ideal for women or children as a throwing hawk or small camp axe. Hickory handle is 16-inches long. Assembled weight 1 lb.