Pre-1840s muzzleloader supplies along with a full line of reenactment clothing, and specialty tools.
Ram Rods and Hammers

Ram Rods and Hammers

Ram Rods and Hammers for black powder muzzleloader rifles and pistols available in a number of styles and sizes. If you need something and don’t see it here, please contact us.

1) Pistol Loading Rods, Brass

2) Pistol Loading Rod, Space Age Delrin

3) 6" Ram Rod Extension, Brass, 10 -32 thread

4) Hollow Brass Ram Rod, 10 - 32 thread up to 33"  **email to request length and cost for rod over 33", 

5) Solid brass Knapping Hammer

Cleaning Jags (not shown 10 - 32, email to request caliber)