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Paul Revere Lantern

Paul Revere Lantern

Paul Revere Lantern.  Single candle holder. All metal, antique tin finish, pierced design. Small and large sizes. Perfect for pre-1840 historical reenactors, for camping, or home and patio décor. Both are single candle holders. LG: 16 inches x 5.5 inches, SM: 13.5 inches x 5 inches
Additional Information

In America lanterns weren’t in general use until the 1820s. You might wonder why this lantern is more solid than open if it is to be used for lighting.  Well, the lantern was really designed to be a candle carrier. The purpose was to have it protective for carrying a lit candle from one building to another.  The home to the outhouse or to the barn and the wind would not put it out.  Once inside, the candle would be taken out.   Typically brass, copper or tin was used with intricate designs.

WARNING: When using any lantern, do NOT leave unattended inside tent.