Pre-1840s muzzleloader supplies along with a full line of reenactment clothing, and specialty tools.
Pattern - W Woman's Skirt and Apron

Pattern - W Woman's Skirt and Apron

Pattern includes detailed, illustrated instructions for the construction of Woman's Skirts, Petticoats and Aprons.

Additional Information

The kind of fabric, the amount of material in a Skirt or  Petticoat and the kind of waistband used were indicative  of the “station” and living style of a woman in the 18th  and 19th centuries.  Linen or wool were used for everyday  and for many women that was all they had or could afford.   For special occasions, finer weight fabrics and silk and  cotton were used.

This Skirt Pattern has either a peasant style drawstring  waistband or a fitted waistband, side slits for reaching  into Pockets  and has two optional lengths.   The Apron has an option of two bib front styles.