Pre-1840s muzzleloader supplies along with a full line of reenactment clothing, and specialty tools.
Pattern - (M) Leggings and Breechclout Pattern

Pattern - (M) Leggings and Breechclout Pattern

Both Indians and mountain men wore Leggings and Breechclout. Included is a Tapered Leather Legging with fringe options, a Full Leather Legging, and a Full Cloth Legging with options of sewn or tied seams. There are suggestions for sources on decorations and variations and the pattern includes sizes Small (30), Medium (34), and Large (39); intermediate sizes may also be made.

Additional Information

This clothing was worn for protection against the elements and they were first made of leather and later of cloth or wool blankets. These articles of clothing were frequently decorated by Indians with distinctive Tribal designs and styles.