Pre-1840s muzzleloader supplies along with a full line of reenactment clothing, and specialty tools.
Pattern - (M) Indian War Shirt

Pattern - (M) Indian War Shirt

The Indian War Shirt was worn either plain or decorated. This pattern will accommodate many styles. May be made in either the natural “open” style with the legs and tail of the hide attached or a more fitted style. The length may be varied to suit preferences, tribal influence or the size of available hides.

Addition Information

Honors and coup were often seen on the shirt. Paint, feathers, ermine tails, scalp locks, bead work, quill work, dew claws, shells, bells, coins, fur trim and/or trade cloth are some of the many items used to decorate the War Shirt. Sources for ideas on decorations and variations are listed inside the pattern.

Included is a section on “Working with Leather” and a complete glossary of all of the terms used in the pattern. All sizes are included from Small (36) through XX-Large (50).