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Antique Glass Chevron Beads

Antique Glass Chevron Beads

These are very old glass Chevron beads, probably Venetian, specific date unknown. Includes all of the beads shown. Cheverons 18" length, 20 beads. The largest bead is 1 7/8" long and 1 3/8" diameter with 6 layers. Smaller beads have 7 layers.

Additional Information

Glass Chevron Beads:   The original glass beads came from Italy, mainly Venice.  They were made as trade beads and referred to as Rosetta beads, because of the unique look.  You can see layered stars at each end, created by 5-7 layers of glass.  The process was difficult and timely.  Toward the end of the 15th century a technique was established that took less time and cost.  The beads value are based on the amount of layers, size and age.  The beads with 7 layers tend to be the oldest and most rare.  The beads are still being made today and mostly coming from India.

These are very old Chevron beads. Includes all beads shown.  Cheverons  18″ length,  20 beads.

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