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Capote - Pendleton National Park Wool Blankets

Capote - Pendleton National Park Wool Blankets

Each Capote is made from Pendleton 4 Point Blanket designs. Each blanket features a patch signifying the Park and its authenticity. See Blanket - Pendleton National Park Blankets for images of each blanket.

A – Olympic National Park.  Gray w/multi stripes

B - Acadia National Park.  Black w/multi Stripes

C – Crater Lake National Park. Blue w/multi stripes.
D – Glacier National Park. White w/multi stripes.   (Shown in Picture)
E - Yellowstone National Park.  Yellow w/multi stripes.
F -  Badlands National Park Blanket.  Olive w/multi strips
G - Yosemite National Park. Lt Blue w/multi stripes
H - Grand Canyon National Park.  Teal w/multi stripes
I -  Rainier National Park.  Red w/multi stripes.