Women's Ensemble #1

This attractive ensemble is for 'everyday wear' and suitable for the periods of 1700's to early 1800's. Includes: Mop Hat, Modesty Piece, Chemise, English Bodice and Skirt. All hand sewn by Cooperstown trading Post. Buy all pieces and Save!


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English Bodice is reversible: S: 8-10/ M: 12-14/ L: 16-18/ XL 20-22.  Chemise: S/M/L.  Skirt is drawstring: one-size- fits-all .   Mop Hat: one size fits all.   Modesty Piece: one size.   (sizes run a little large)

Many colors and sizes are in stock. See ‘Fabric Color and Patterns’, on the Women’s Clothing page, for current fabrics available. Custom sellections can be shipped in 14 days.


1) Purchase Ensemble #2 on this site.

2) Email sizes and fabric colors desired through ‘Contact Us’ email page. Include name, phone and address. If in stock, Items to ship in 2 – 7 days. Custom orders ship in 14 days.