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Single Pie Basket

Single Pie Basket. Holds one pie or cake or other dish. Made by hand using native hardwoods. Solid wood cover. Two swing handles. No divider tray. Available in natural or stained finish.

from $40.00


Speedy Sticher Sewing Awl Kit

The speedy Sticher can be used to sew any heavy material, such as, leather and heavy canvas. A handy tool to have around the house or farm. Give your work the professional look. Comes with easy to follow directions, 1- curved and 1- straight needle, thread and bobbin.

from $2.50


Spring Eaze

Spring Eaze! A Cooperstown Trading Post Original. This tool easily removes coil springs from Thompson Center and similar locks. Right or Left.



St Louis Top Hat

Worn in the early 1800's. 6 1/2 inch tall, flared at the crown. Felt in three colors: black (shown), brown, grey (shown). Select color through site and email head measurement to



Swedish Blades

These high quality blades are made from legendary Swedish Steel. The steel gets its characteristics from its purity in chemical composition and also from how it is processed and heat-treated. This steel is desirable because of characteristics such as high strength with high ductility. They are finished and sharpened to a razor-sharp edge.

from $15.95


Throwing Hawks

Custom, Hand Forged, Throwing Hawks. Our throwing tomahawks are the finest tomahawks for sale anywhere! The handles are made of hardwoods such as hickory and ash. The heads are made of hand-forged iron with tempered steel insert bits.

from $4.25


Throwing Knife

Throwing knife of carbon steel. Measures 13'' overall. Blade 8"x 2". Leather hafts easily replaced. Knife & Sheath sold together.

from $29.95


Tin Lined Copper Products

Beautiful and useful. Built to Last. Rolled Edges. 1) 24 oz Corn Boiler - $45.95, 2) 16 oz cup - 19.95, 3) 32 oz cup - 29.95

from $19.95


Toiletries: Baby Powder Talc with Lavender

For the Ladies, Baby Powder Talc with Lavender



Toiletries: Bath Kits

Buy the Bath Kit and save $4.50 over purchasing each product separately. Available for both Women and Men. Details are everything. A period product for you hard core reenactors.



Toiletries: Country Gentlemen Talc Powder

For the Gents, Talcum Powder with Baking Soda. Asbestos free talc. 4oz.



Toiletries: Metal-Backed Mirror

These metal-backed mirrors were originally produced as advertising mirrors, but they were quickly adopted as decorations for warbonnets, otter breastplates, and bustles. They were also used for signaling. Removable metal back pops off for punching holes for attaching, with white paper backings just like the originals, but without the ads. 2-1/2" in diameter



Toiletries: Natural Bristle Toothbrush

A Bone Handled, Boar Bristled Tooth Brush is a true luxury item. Once you've tried a boar bristle brush, you will never go back to plastic-bristled tooth brushes again. The natural brushes are soft enough that they won't damage gums, but are effective in removing debris from your teeth. Use this brush with some "Country Gent" Tooth Powder (above) for an authentic experience from the past.



Toiletries: Natural Wooden Comb

Individual Teeth Sanded so no damage to hair. Made from peach wood which is an extremely tight grained wood. Approximately 4.8" long 2 " high. Beautiful pieces. No two alike.



Toiletries:Tooth Powder

Pleasant peppermint-flavored powder for brushing teeth is an alternative to tooth paste. Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch, Peppermint Flavoring, Stevia, Sodium Chloride. 4oz.



Trekkers Burning Glass

Sturdy Antique Brass. 2 1/4 " diameter. Usefull as a magnifing glass and equally well as a fire starter. Beutiful piece.



Tri-Corn Hat

We manufacture Tri-Corn hats in black only. Each hat has white trimming made of heavy wool felt. Can be stretched using a volleyball, just dampen inside, set in volleyball, inflate and allow to dry to stretch. Sizes in 1/8” increment from 6 7/8 to 7 ¾”. You provide hat size or we can convert inch size to hat size. Order on site and email us the size.



Turquoise Beads

Drilled. Includes all beads shown.




Wastebaskets made by hand using native hardwoods. Can also be used for storage and many other uses. Sturdy. Available in natural wood or a stained finish.

from $33.00


Women's Ensemble #1

This attractive ensemble is for 'everyday wear' and suitable for the periods of 1700's to early 1800's. Includes: Mop Hat, Modesty Piece, Chemise, English Bodice and Skirt. All hand sewn by Cooperstown trading Post. Buy all pieces and Save!



Women's Ensemble #2

This attractive ensemble is for 'everyday wear' and suitable for the periods of 1700's t0 early 1800's. Includes: Bonnet, Modesty Piece, Chemise, English Bodice, Skirt, Pocket and Apron. All hand sewn by Cooperstown trading Post. Buy all pieces and Save!



Women's Modesty Piece

Modesty Piece or Neck Kerchief, 100% cotton, white only, triangle cut, one size fits all. Hand sewn by Cooperstown Trading Post.



Wool Pull-Over Blanket Shirts

Pull-over made from Woolrich Blankets -100% wool. These are made to wear over shirts.

from $110.00


Workman's Hat

This style was widely worn in the 1700's. Hand sewn by Cooperstown Trading Post. Your choice of color: natural cotton (shown), red cotton, flower sack cotton or ticking.