The origingal capote coat was made of blanketing rather than a blanket itself. At Cooperstown Trading Post we hand-sew our capotes with top quality, Pendleton National Park commemorative blankets of 100% virgin wool. One Size: 48-52. Colors: A – Mt. Rainier National Park. Red w/black, yellow stripes. B – Glacier National Park. White w/multi stripes. C – Crater Lake National Park. Blue w/multi stripes.


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The original capotes were tailor-cut coats rather than “Indian” cut.  Most were closed by a sash and some later designs were double-breasted with buttons.  They were often made of wool blanketing rather than a blanket itself.  All capotes were made of single stripe blankets, and the majority were white 3-point blankets with a single black or blue “head” or bar near each end.  Other colors were sky blue, grey or blue-grey.  Ref: Mountain Mans’ Sketch Book by James Austin Hanson and Kathryn J Wilson

All of our capote coats are made from 100% wool Pendleton Woolen Mills National Park blankets. The Pendleton National Park blanket designs were created in the 1900’s to honor America’s National Parks. Each blanket features a patch signifying the Park (Mr. Ranier, Glacier, and Crater Lake National Parks), and the blanket’s authenticity.