Early man learned to create a crude lamp by placing melted animal fat with a wick of moss in a stone that was shaped like a shallow dish.  Since then they have evolved from burning blubber, oil or grease in dishes.  When the light was taken outdoors it needed protection, hence the development of the lantern with protective sides.  Some of the first materials used were gourds that were pierced then evolved to horn scraped thin.  Lanterns greatly improved after glass came into use.  A typical candle lantern is a metal box or cylinder with glass or mica side panels and an opening or ventilated cover on the top.

Cooperstown Trading Post carries several pre-1840 lantern designs, perfect for historical reenactors, camping, and home and patio decor.


Ladies Square Glass Lantern

Ladies Square Glass Lanterns. Pierced tin candle lanterns with 4 glass panes for plenty of light. Perfect not only for pre-1840 historical reenactors, but also for camping, home, and patio. Size: 16 inches x 5.5 inches.



Paul Revere Lantern

Paul Revere Lanterns. Small and large sizes. Perfect for pre-1840 historical reenactors, for camping, or home and patio decor. Both are single candle holders. LG: 16 inches x 5.5 inches, SM: 13.5 inches x 5 inches

from $32.25


Ship Lantern

Ship Lanterns. Large and small sizes. Pierced tin candle lanterns are perfect for pre-1840 historical reenactors, for camping, and for your home and patio decor. Large - holding two candles: 19 inches x 6.25 inches. Small - holding one candle: 14 inches x5 inches.

from $33.25