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Muzzleloaders are those guns in which the bullet and the propelling charge, usually gunpowder, are loaded from the muzzle of the gun. Muzzleloading methods can be applied to anything from small arms to cannons, but at Cooperstown Trading Post we make and restore the muzzleloading long rifles, such as the Kentucky rifle, of the early American frontier.

Many of our customers are antique gun collectors, marksmen, and historical reenactors participating in rendezvous and battle reenactments, as well as target competitions. (The sport of firing these guns is also known as “muzzleloading”.)

Eugene Nagel of Cooperstown Trading Post has been a muzzleloader gunsmith for decades. He specializes in restoring antique muzzleloaders, making custom muzzleloaders as well as reproductions, and also gunsmith tools and muzzleloader kits.

Unavailable Directly from the Website

We do not currently sell muzzleloaders or mozzleloader kits directly online from our website.

For  up-to-date inventory of muzzleloader guns (old and new) and muzzleloader gun kits, please visit our shop or call Gene: Shop: 724-898-3146  Home: 724-586-7220  Cell: 412-670-0141, or use the following contact form:

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