Muzzleloader Accessories

Before 1977, I was primarily interested in muzzleloaders as a hobby. But long rifle parts and specialty tools were hard to come by, and in 1977 I established Cooperstown Trading Post to provide muzzleloader enthusiasts with supplies, accessories, tools, gun parts, and kits. If you need something and don’t see it listed below, or if you are interested in antique or custom muzzleloaders, then please contact me!

– Sincerely, Gene Nagel



5 Piece Accessory Package

Worm, Puller, Jag, Scraper and Bore Guide. Accommodates CAL 36,40,45,50, 54, 58, 62. All are compatible with 10-32 Threads.



Brass Ramrod

Hollow ramrod. Length up to 33", 3/8 Dia. Only threaded for 10-32. Email (send a message) with length desired. Anything over 33" email for a quote on cost.



Brass Range Rod

5 Sectional, 5/16, Brass Range Rod, Tipped with 10x23 Threads. T-Handle Swivels but can also be pinned. Good for Pistols up to Long Guns.



Brass Stampings

Embossed t hree dimendional brass stampings. Ornementation for hunting pouch flaps, horn ends, hats, etc. Picture display shows only some of the items. Their are 81 differnt stampings to chose from, price ranging from $0.16 - $4.00.



Bridgers Best Shooting Patches - Pre Lubed

Pre lubed per 100 $5.00. Available in .010, .015, and .020 thicknesses. Felt wads for revolvers and shotguns also available. Order by caliber and thickness.



Bridgers Best Shooting Patches-Dry

Dry patches: 100 for $4.00. Available in .010, .015, and .020 thicknesses. Felt wads for revolvers and shotguns also available. Order by caliber and thickness.




Cappers. All cappers are brass construction. Made in the USA. 1) Musket Capper, 2) 209 Primer Dispenser, 3) Straight Line Capper

from $13.50



All Cappers are Brass Construction. Made in the USA 4) Rifle Capper, 5) Universal Capper



Cooperstown Big Medicine Buffalo Milk

Just the mix for cleaning that smokepole, can also be used as a patch lube. Will not thicken up and become unusable during those cold winter hunts.

from $2.75


Cooperstown Muzzle Loader Sling

A Cooperstown Trading Post original. Leather sling. Fits all Muzzle Loaders. No drilling, lace on to attach.



Cow’s Knee and Frizzen cover

Keep your powder dry. Ties onto trigger guard and keeps your lock dry. Just flip it off when you’re ready to shoot. Made from buckskin.

from $2.00


Delrin Black Ramrods

Non abrasive, 3/8 Dia, only 33 1/2" long tipped for 10-32 thread.



Detachable Swivel Set

Easy to install. Fit ramrod thimbles on Lyman Great plains and Trade rifle.



Ferrules and Bore Lights

1: Brass Ferrule and Stud, 2: Steel Ferrule and Stud, 3: Bore Light 45 CAL and Up

from $13.75


Flint Pan Chargers

Flint Pan Chargers. Brass or Imitation Horn. Made in the USA

from $15.50



Brass funnel sold by itself or with wooden handle.

from $8.25


Gun Sleeve - Wool Blanket with Fringe

100% Wool with leather fringe. 60" in length.



Gun Sleeve- The Cooperstown System

A Cooperstown original. For hunting in the worst conditions. These sleeves will fit on your rifle up to the comb to keep everything dry. Slips off very easily for that important shot. Heavy duty canvas. Can be custom made, call for details.



Ingot Casting Components

#1 Cast Iron Lead Pot - ten lb. capacity. $22.50 #2 Cast Iron Casting Dipper. $27.50 #3 Cast Iron Ingot Mold - casts one lb. ingots. $27.50

from $24.95


Plastic Powder Can Pouring Spouts

Two sizes: A - Fits the new plastic GOEX cans. B - Fits old metal GOEX cans.



Powder Horns

1) Powder Horn. 10'' - 12" in length: $25.00, 2) Powder horn with 3 grain dispenser valve & acorn filler plug: $45.00. 3) Powder Can Spouts: $.50, 4) Flint and Steel Fire Starter: $13.00

from $0.50


Ram Rods and Hammers

1) Pistol Loading Rods, Brass: $20.00, 2) Pistol Loading Rod, Space Age Delrin: $15.00, 3) 6" Ram Rod Extension, Brass, 10 -32 thread: $6.75, 4) Hollow Brass Ram Rod, 10 - 32 thread up to 33": $33.00, **email to request length and cost for rod over 33", 5) Solid brass Knapping Hammer: $9.50, ##Cleaning Jags: $4.00, (not shown 10 - 32, email to request calibre)

from $4.00


Spring Eaze

Spring Eaze! A Cooperstown Trading Post Original. This tool easily removes coil springs from Thompson Center and similar locks. Right or Left.