Cooperstown Trading Post was established in 1977

Prior to then it was just a hobby. I would build a gun, on occasion, for myself. Gun parts and specialty tools, at that time, were hard to come by. So… a business was born. After a few years of part time work, the future looked good. Diversity was a necessity. Muzzle loader accessories and clothing entered into the picture. I wanted Cooperstown Trading Post to offer everything having to do with muzzle loading and the time era of pre-1840. I now have a store with a large inventory of muzzle loaders, rifle barrels and everything you need to build a gun. At times, I have a couple of finished, custom, muzzle loaders on hand for sale.


Mountain Men Clothing

Cooperstown Trading Post, Valencia PA

Come in and see a full line of pre-1840 accessories, clothing, leather goods, historical clothing patterns, and more.

Long Rifle Muzzleloaders

We have a broad offering of firearms that are available directly through us for purchase. Please contact us to receive a listing of all available firearms. In other words, we provide “A Full Line—One Stop Shop” experience.

For all my loyal customers and soon to be new ones… the computer age has arrived —”Here I am.”

– Eugene Nagel

Shop: 724-898-3146
Home: 724-586-7220
Cell: 412-670-0141

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Muzzleloaders Gunsmith Eugene Nagel

Pre-1840 Muzzleloader Gunsmith Eugene Nagel
(2nd from left)


Cooperstown Trading Post, Ltd. is located in Valencia, PA. We specialize in building muzzle loader rifles, including custom muzzle loaders. We also carry muzzle loader kits, gun parts, specialty tools, and supplies, as well as pre-1840’s clothing and accessories. Call: (412) 670-0141.

Veteran Owed Small Business, Life member National Rifle Association , Life member Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation, Member National Muzzleloader Rifle Association,  Member Independent Mt. Men Of Pa.